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wrong diagnosis has led to worse

The little Faustina had to undergo countless surgeries after swallowing a lithium button cell battery. She died suddenly after a year of calvary, on July 15. His family believes that a wrong diagnosis has led to a worsening of his case.

A little girl of 2 and a half years, who had swallowed a button battery a year ago, died on 15 July, four days after his release from a hospital in Bron (City of Lyon) that parents accuse them of negligence.

On July 11, 2016, Faustina is a victim of breathing difficulties. His parents, worried, took him to the emergency room, told the AFP his mother Laetitia Aberkane, confirming information of The daily le Dauphiné Libéré. “It has been in the hospital Woman-Mother-Child of Bron, where he was made to undergo a radio “, she adds. “The doctor told us that she had bronchitis, that sessions of physio would be sufficient. “
Victim distress risparatoire

The parents bring their daughter home, in Pont-de-Cheruy (Isere), thirty kilometers from Lyon. But on the 13th, she was again a victim of respiratory distress. Back to the hospital where an internal resumes the medical record and asks ” if She has not swallowed something “.

“I told him no, that she had bronchitis as we were told, that it was to the wrong folder,” reports the mother. Finally, the internal checks, performs a new radio, and announces to the parents that Faustina should be operated of urgency : she has swallowed a lithium button cell battery, the content of which has caused irreversible damage to the esophagus.

After that, it is a year of hospitalization, almost uninterrupted, a countless number of interventions under general anesthesia. Up to “five in ten days” in January. For parents, the wrong diagnosis of the 11 July 2016 is in part responsible for the ordeal of Faustina.
“He had believed that it was his locket “

On the radio, the lithium battery is, however, well visible, as evidenced by a photo published by The Dauphiné Libéré. “The doctor told us that he had believed that it was his medallion,” on the radio, indignant Ms Aberkane. “After that, that the error was due to congestion of emergency. “

The parents then decide to initiate a judicial proceeding amicably before the administrative court. But, in the night of 14 to 15 July, Faustina died suddenly, four days after his release from the hospital. “Around midnight, she started to cough up blood. In ten seconds, she died in my arms, ” says his mom.
An autopsy will be performed

According to professor Olivier Claris, chairman of the medical committee of establishment of the civil Hospices of Lyon (HCL), which depends on the hospital in question, for ” the death of the child, for the moment, this is not clear. What is indisputable is that there has been a delay in diagnosis of 48 hours ” in July 2016.

“The sorting has been done correctly to emergencies. An x-ray was performed and an image of a very special has not been taken into account. There is no explanation for it, ” acknowledged the doctor, also chief of neonatology at the hospital Woman-Mother-Child. “What happened is a tragedy […]. There is now that the justice who will be able to draw conclusions. The autopsy will answer to the causes of death, ” adds the Pr Claris.

The lawyer of the family, I Sandra Garcia, explained for his part that” with the death of Faustina, we are considering the opportunity to move to a criminal procedure. We expect the findings of the autopsy and we will see what we will do “.


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