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West Nile Virus

 Nile Virus

He died because of a mosquito bite: the fault of the West Nile virus. The symptoms of the virus
The west Nile virus has struck again. This time the expense was a “wretched man” of Pieve di Cento. Here are the symptoms and the risk of death

Pieve di Cento: a man dies due to the virus of the West Nile
Pieve di Cento: a man dies due to the virus of the West Nile (Jarun Ontakrai | Shutterstock)

It is the sad story happened in the province of Bologna, more precisely in Pieve di Cento: a 78 year-old man has died following the bite of a mosquito that seems to have transmitted the virus of West Nile.

Already previously admitted to the Sant’anna hospital, the poor man has lost his life at the clinic of Cona Corrado Gamberini after struggling between life and death from 11 August.

A nightmare

The man was well liked by many and known by all country, place where he lived with his wife Mary Zizza, via Poggetto. All Pieve di Cento is in mourning, and Gamberini is mourned especially by his daughters Lorraine and Loredana.

“A really difficult time for us – to tell their daughters – we are truly very shaken and tried. It’s like living in a nightmare from which you cannot wake. Everything seems to not make sense. It all started by the bite of a mosquito that transmitted the disease. Is the mosquito culex, , the mosquito home.

People need to know
As it is logical to think, the family wants to shed light on the issue. In particular, he would like to know where the father would contract the virus and why the sla has not taken any action on the pest control of mosquitoes and related viruses.

“It is not possible to have contracted the virus in Reggio Emilia, where he had gone for dental care in the period preceding the disease, because he went out only in the central hours of the day.

Has not made any other trips or other tours. Then as we reported to the doctors can be happened only here, in Pieve. The doctors told us that Emilia Romagna is everywhere, some areas more, some other less, an area of distribution.

I don’t understand why the Asl and the institutions do not become promoters of a campaign of awareness and information on how to prevent the West Nile virus. People must be aware of its existence and how to defend yourself”.

The spread of the virus
The virus can be spread, as well as from the mosquitoes, and certain types of birds. The disease is widespread in Europe, Africa, western Asia, Australia and America, and can also affect our pets.

The symptoms

The first days of August the man accused of strange symptoms including fever and confusion. Initially it was thought a meningoencephalitis of viral. After a short time, and in-depth diagnostic analysis, it was found that the man was suffering from the virus of the West Nile, transmitted by a mosquito, the culex.

When you suspect an infection

In reality, there are many people to do not experience no symptoms. About 20% – instead – presents the signals that are atypical, easily confusable with a common flu. Among these, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, enlarged lymph nodes, and skin rashes.

The symptoms can last from a few days to a few weeks. In children it is more likely that the fever is lighter, while adults may have a higher temperature accompanied by muscle pain. The symptoms can be severe in the elderly.


Unfortunately, being a virus, there is no treatment for this type of pathogen. In any case, most of the symptoms should disappear naturally after a few days. Only in the most serious cases – such as this – you may need hospitalization and therapies of intravenous route.

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