Vitamin B9 Before and during pregnancy, it would reduce the risk of autism

Vitamin B9 : Before and during pregnancy, it would reduce the risk of autism

Vitamin B9

Autism and pesticides make good bedfellows !

A study, published on September 8, reveals a “ background ” benefit folic acid (vitamin B9).
This therapy showed reduce the risk of autism in children whose mothers were exposed to pesticides. This after statistical analysing various data during the therapy.Thus, there is a link between pesticides and autism.

Has this been proven else where ?

Again this September in the scientific “Journal Environmental Health Perspectives”.
It shows that taking at least 800 micrograms of folic acid ( vitamin B9 ) per day at the time of the conception of the child and during the first four weeks of the pregnancy would substantially decrease the development of autism in the unborn baby.

In arriving at this conclusion, researchers from the university of California, Davis (UC Davis) followed 516 children, aged 2 to 5 years. Among them, 220 were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Comparing The Data
By comparing the data, the u.s. team has highlighted the fact that children whose mothers have taken high doses of folic acid, at the moment of their conception, had less risk of being affected with autism.

  • Conversely, pregnant women who had no, or little, consumed vitamin B9, and who have been exposed permanently to pesticides between the three months before conception and three months after that, have exposed their children to more risks.
    This work is therefore directed especially to women living in rural areas. In fact, they are more likely to be exposed in a sustainable manner to pesticides.
    As explained by Dr.Schmidt, one of the authors of the study :

1. “children who had the highest risk were those whose mothers were regularly exposed to pesticides “.
Folic acid is highly recommended for pregnant women. Generally, the doctors prescribe 400 micrograms per day. But, according to this study, it would be necessary to increase the dose to pregnant women exposed to pesticides, and to give them 800 micrograms per day.

The benefits of vitamin B Vitamin B9 is essential, especially during the fourth week of fetal life, when the nervous system of the fetus form.

We know that before the design (a month before) and during the first trimester of pregnancy, the folic acid intake protects the child of certain defects (spina bifida, cleft lip, cardiac malformations,…) and decreases the risk of spontaneous abortion. In the diet, vitamin B9 is found in green leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage, lettuce), seeds such as corn and chickpea, lentils, seaweed, liver…


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