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Vegetables enhance performance in school, but not in mathematics

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                     Eat regularly vegetables at dinner improves school performance, as measured in Australia by the test called Naplan (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) that evaluates each and every year in standard pupils of all secondary schools. Indicates a search of the University of Newcastle, according to the vegetables in the diet have a significant effect in achievement in all subjects, except in mathematics. The study led by specialist in cardiovascular disease prevention Tracy Burrows School of health sciences of the university, is published in the journal Appetite.
                     Participated 4200 pupils of different secondary classes and the data have been adjusted to take account of the social background and gender of young people. The data also indicate that eating at least two fruits per day is associated with higher grades in writing. On the contrary, the sugar and sweet drinks are associated with lower grades, especially in reading.
                      The scholar notes that the connections between diet and academic performance require further research. However, he adds, one explanation is that fruit and vegetables affect the neurological activity, promoting better cognitive function.
                    “Previous research has examined only the consumption of the breakfast. We have extended the consumption of fruits and vegetables, beverages, sweets, food take-aways and junk food,” writes the scholar.


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