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Unusual: One repairs his cut-off arm

An inhabitant of the Var(France), whose arm had been severely cut-off by a farm machine, was able to recover his member after an operation in a hospital in marseille.

On July 21, a man of 32 years working in a company in the Var, had the front-arm torn off in a machine farm. The accident occurred after he accidentally stuck his glove in the machine. His colleagues had good reflexes and rescued him : the emergency services was called immediately.Wrapped in a cloth in order to limit the worsening of the lesions. It was later placed in the refrigerator.

Three and a half hours later, the worker suffered a significant surgery at the hospital of “La Timone” in Marseille. A successful operation : the front-arm was reimplanted after six hours of work of the surgical team.  A near miracle made possible thanks to the rapid response of the colleagues of the victim and the rescuer, saving the amputation to this young man

“The conditions of transport, by helicopter, and the functioning of the sector of the severe trauma of the members that we have in place at the AP-HM with Pr Legré and the AMBULANCE service, have enabled us to operate this patient in a very short timeframe, thus maximizing the chances of success of the relocation,” says Dr. Andre Gay, a surgeon specializing in severe trauma of the members, in a press release of the public Assistance hospitals of Marseille (AP-HP).

Beyond six hours between the accident and the surgery, replantation is contraindicated, the muscles are then irreversible damage. This type of intervention is very rare, occurs in several steps : the bone is first stabilized and then revascularized by suture of the vessels, which explains the APHP. And then the nerves, tendons and muscles are stitched together with care to maximize the chances of recovering the functioning of the hand.

It is still too early to know if the patient will be able to recover the whole use of his forearm after a re so delicate and exceptional. It must first go through a long rehabilitation. “We will not be able to establish a functional prognosis until three to six months,” says Dr. Gay.


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