TYPE #1 Diabetes, The new drug, tested in Italy, has good prospects.

The new drug, tested in Italy, has good prospects.

TYPE #1 Diabetes

A pill that reduces the insulin and improves the parameters in sufferers of type 1 diabetes: the new drug, tested in Italy, has good prospects.

On the occasion of the european congress of the Easd, the european Society for the treatment of diabetes, has gathered more than 15 thousand dieticians from all over the world, and have faced various issues, including of course the new frontiers of medicine.

There was no way, then, to speak of a recent study aimed to test the practical effects of Sotaglifozin, an innovative drug so far tested only for the type 2 diabetes, can improve several parameters in the clinical picture of patients with type 1 diabetes.

The drug was administered to 1402 patients treated with insulin in 19 different countries – which includes Italy – and the promising results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The Bio medical Campus Of Rome

campus bio-medico of Rome. Dr. Paolo Pozzilli

The Italian center chosen to participate in the study was the bio-medical campus of Rome. Dr. Paolo Pozzilli has been able to follow the project and said that “the drug, which is a pill that is administered orally at breakfast, was able to lower the blood glucose and the glycated hemoglobin of nearly a point“.

In practical terms this translates into a decrease in the dose of insulin with a bolus equal to 30 percent, leading to a decrease in possible complications in the long term. Not less important, you can pick up good results even in the short: designed to reduce fluctuations in blood sugar or the dreaded ipoglicemie.

Pozzilli has defined the new drug is a inhibitor of the resorption of glucose in the kidneys. Glucose that is then eliminated with the urine. In addition, it can also reduce the absorption in the intestinal tract”.

The new drug has garnered many positive reviews, could enter into a trade in about a year, and reduce mortality in patients with type 1 diabetes. For the first time, according to experts, you will have a tablet really effective in the treatment of this disease. The scientific data have been defined as “stimulants”.

Of course, patients should continue to take the insulin and the Sotaglifozin will be an added simply to improve their condition and avoid risks such as dangerous ketoacidosis.

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