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The dangers of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

This weekend was held at the Hotel Dann Carlton in Cali for the VII Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics for General practitioners.
Around 900 doctors gathered to discuss relevant issues on the health of women in some of their cycles: adolescence, reproductive age and menopause.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Ramirez Serrano, a member of the Board of Directors of Fecolsog, delivered the lecture ‘Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy’, in which he shared, among other important ideas, how in Colombia 15 years ago is evidenced by the increased occurrence of cases of newborn children with this disease. The impact led the Ministry of Health to create the guide to its prevention and treatment, especially during pregnancy.

The toxoplasma is a parasite that – popular belief – is transmitted by exposure to cats. However, according to studies, the parasite does not presence in the animal as such, but in their feces and from there it can spread in the environment.

“The issue is not the cat but any site where there may be feces of the cat: the floor, the earth. That is the most important way to get the parasite,” explained the doctor.

Other ways of contracting this agency is by the consumption of raw meats, untreated water, not to use gardening gloves when you plant or is exposed to the earth.

The increased risk of this disease is for newborns. The rest of the population suffers symptoms similar to those of a flu symptoms.

“When the infection happens in the first stage of pregnancy, before 14 weeks, the probability of which is transmitted from mother to child is 15 %, relatively low, but happen, the complications are more than 70%, ” said the specialist.

Some of the serious effects are: alterations in vision and the central nervous system of the baby; abnormal growth of organs, such as immune response; calcification in the brain, and microcephaly, among others.

Ramirez emphasized that toxoplasmosis can be prevented by 70% and that with proper medicines can be avoided complications. It is very important that women from their consultations preconcepcionales is to conduct the examination IGG Antitoxotoplaxma (Immuno Globulin G Antitoxoplasma) to ensure the well-being of the baby.


* A woman who has had contact with the parasite before pregnancy can have the security of that is not at risk.
Toxoplasmosis is treated only once, and for the majority of the population.

* There is evidence that in the cities rainy the parasite has a greater presence. In Colombia, above all, in the “eje Cafetero”.

* It is also known that there is in some people a genetic predisposition to the disease.


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