The cholera epidemic (Yemen) reached monumental proportions,

The cholera epidemic

The Cholera Epidemic(Yemen)

The cholera epidemic that is raging in Yemen could reach about 850,000 by the end of the year, warned on Wednesday that the Red Cross in Geneva.

The epidemic has already reached monumental proportions,” said Robert Mardini, the ICRC (international Committee of the Red Cross), where he is in charge of the Near East and the Middle east.

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The collapse of the infrastructure of Yemen after more than two years of civil war between the government backed by saudi Arabia and the rebels who control the capital Sanaa, has resulted in the largest epidemic of cholera in the world.

The spread of the disease has slowed in recent months, but it is not yet under control. “In July, we said that there should be about 600,000 cases by the end of the year, now we have 647.000 suspected cases,” said Mr Mardini to the AFP.

“We are planning to present the worst-case scenario, the 850,000 cases by the end of the year,” he said, stressing that the epidemic was “not under control”.

In the beginning of the week, the WHO (world health Organization) has indicated that 2.065 people were dying from cholera.

“The pace was a little slow, but the last week, it has again increased,” said Mr. Mardini, pointing out that there are 4.700 suspected cases reported every day.

This is the worst health crisis to a vaccine-preventable disease in recent history,” said Mr. Mardini, at a conference in the margins of the Council of human rights of the UN, which is currently being held in Geneva.

The WHO has stated that the disease had spread rapidly due to the deterioration of the conditions of hygiene and sanitation, with millions of people who no longer have access to safe drinking water in the country.


Less than half of the health facilities are in a working state, a lot of staffs have not been paid for nearly a year, and less than 30% of necessary medicines are delivered according to Mr. Mardini Most of 8,400 people, including civilians, lost their lives during the civil war in Yemen, according to UN estimates.

This war that is ravaging the country has caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the UN.

The conflict between rebels, supported by Iran, who control the capital Sanaa and northern Yemen, pro-government forces regrouped in the south and supported by a military coalition led by saudi Arabia. Several regions of this poor country are also on the verge of starvation.


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