Sexual stimulants in the top 10 drugs most searched on internet

Sexual stimulants in the top 10 drugs most searched on internet

Sexual stimulants in the top 10 drugs

Psycho – Sexo : 

  Sexual stimulants in the top 10 drugs : The sexual stimulants, such as Viagra or Cialis, come in the 8th position of the drugs most searched on internet by the French.

This was according to a study published by the online pharmacy Newpharma, which sets out a list of 100 drugs that have been the focus of a large number of queries over the last 12 months.

Without any surprise, we found the use of psychotropic drugs, including anxiolytics, antidepressants, hypnotics and neuroleptics (659.520), medications to treat digestive disorders (443.350) and analgesic (387.540) in the top three of the 24 families of drugs most sought after by the French on the internet.

More surprising, the arrival in the 8th position of sex stimulants such as Viagra or Cialis, before the antiallergic (9th position), the antispasmodic such as Spasfon (12th position), or muscle relaxants (19th position).

This trend reveals that it is most easy to use online shopping for certain types of medication when the patients do not dare to pass the threshold of a pharmacy, suggests the study.

In France

In France, the online sales of Viagra or Cialis, designed to stimulate erectile function in the man, is illegal and subject to criminal sanctions.

Of sites that offer yet for sale. This is why the study warns against self-medication.

“Their prices are also exorbitant and the quality of the content remains questionable.

We recommend to always verify the proper compliance of the online pharmacies before ordering anything and, especially, never order prescription medications online,” stressed the investigation, recalling that only pharmacies traditional (physical stores) are authorized to sell these products.

Overall, the antibiotic Amoxicillin is the drug most sought after by internet users (84.180 searches per month), followed by Tramadol (84.020), a potent analgesic, and the Lévothyrox (67.460), of which the news has marked these last few weeks. Ibuprofen comes in fourth position, dethroning the famous Doliprane.

The study

The study was conducted on the basis of the 12.000 of the drugs listed on the MSNA (national security Agency of medicines and health products), which lists all of the proprietary medicinal products which have obtained an authorisation for the placing on the market.

The results represent the monthly search volume in France over the previous 12 months.

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