Science, the researchers were able to connect the brain to the network
University in Johannesburg, south Africa

Science, the researchers were able to connect the brain to the network

  1. Science is Able to connect the brain to the network

The future is ever closer:

The magnetic waves of the brain are visible on a site in the network. This is only the beginning: scientists do not exclude for the future, as well as the interaction in two directions. In other words, it can be violated Sooner or later it had to happen: the human brain is connected to the Internet.

We thought that scientists at Wits University in Johannesburg, south Africa: as reported by Medical Express, scientists have linked a particular device that can detect brain waves (EEG signals) on the pc (not very advanced). This links the data in the app, and shows them on a website where everyone can see the waves of brain activity.

Connected, yes, but not 1.0. Even if you have already talked about, Brainternet (Brain + Internet) and the revolution of the Internet of Things is still in the initial phase. According to Adam Pantanowitz, which teaches the Wits School of Electrical and Information Engineering, it is “a new frontier for interface systems, the computer and the brain.

Not yet clear data on how the brain processes the information, and Brainternet does just that: it facilitates the understanding of the human brain”. It is the first step. In the future, they hope to scientists, the interaction “man-machine” has been studied at the deepest level and be profitable. Not only to better understand the mechanisms of the brain, but also to provoke.

“The information will be sent in both directions”. The Input and output. It will be, in short, the ability to communicate with the network, without going through intermediaries obsolete instruments, such as the arms and hands, or the voice. And immediately the thought in the internet. And immediately the thought. Wonderful future. The problem of hackers, then, if it is going to solve our grandchildren.

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