Rich Piana LEGENDS NEVER DIE R.I.P Rich Piana (1971 - 2017) - Steroids or Adderall ? - The Chrono leaks

Rich Piana LEGENDS NEVER DIE R.I.P Rich Piana (1971 – 2017) – Steroids or Adderall ?

WHAT RICH PIANA’S GIRLFRIEND DIDN’T DO ?(Why didn’t she stop him ?)


After more than two weeks of fighting in the hospital bed, not made it, Rich Piana, bodybuilder professional ended up in a coma for a suspected overdose of anabolic. The man died Friday morning in a Florida hospital where he had been admitted without regain consciousness.

To give the news through social media was the ex-wife Sara that he wanted to pay a tribute to the public, to his former wife via Faceboook. The confirmation of the death of the 46-year-old also came from the healthcare facility where he was hospitalized the bodybuilder was called in by the newspaper to TMZ

The entries on the death of Rich Piana you were chased for hours and many friends and colleagues already prior to the official confirmation had wanted to give a last greeting to the audience through the social to the well-known bodybuilder. The rest of the clinical condition of the 46-year-old was desperate after being collapsed lifeless to the ground while he was at his home in Florida at the beginning of August. In the house the agents had found more than 20 bottles of steroids.

After winning numerous competitions in the Usa, some years ago he admitted to using steroids over the last thirty years to improve the physical and therefore the career. This however, had not diminished his popularity that led him to become a star on Instagram, which had about 1.2 million followers.

“If you have the choice whether or not to stay natural or use steroids, stay natural, there is no reason to use steroids, only do harm to your body, but if you want to become a bodybuilder a professional you are forced to do it,” he had explained to Rich Piana in his confession. “You have touched really the heart of many people and you have helped so many!!! Have inspired me in many ways and have had a huge impact on people all over the world,” wrote the ex-wife.

Rich Piana LEGENDS NEVER DIE R.I.P Rich Piana (1971 – 2017) – Tribute – THE LEGACY

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