Liverpool Vs Man Utd : Will Mourinho still park the bus ?
liverpool vs manchester united anfield record

Premier league, there is Liverpool-Man Utd: Will Mourinho still park the bus ?

Lets begins with the big match at Anfield on Saturday at 2:30 pm

In front : England’s most titled teams 

Premier league, there is Liverpool-Man Utd: Will Mourinho still park the bus ?

This takes into account the days elapsed since Liverpool took Manchester United a negative first: the abstention from the title of England champion. The last Reds label is dated 1990:

it has gone far beyond, therefore, the fast of the 26 years when the Red Devils fade in their history. From the day of overtaking as we write, the count arrived at 535 days, 17 hours, 1 minute, and 20 seconds.

It’s a goliard, just one of a thousand pieces of a historic rivalry, the most prestigious football “made in England”, considering the 20 “scudetti” of United and 18 of Liverpool.


  But it makes the idea of how much this challenge has been felt. Saturday at lunchtime (13.30 pm), “scousers” and “mancunians” will be back in front of Anfield: it is the big match of the 8th round of the Premier League, and is already a major breakthrough. Manchester Utd head to just one goal away from City, Liverpool detached of 7 points: forbidden to slip.


KLOPP AND MOUKLOPP AND MOU – Jurgen Klopp celebrates two years on the Reds bench: he presented himself as “Normal One”, as opposed to the name of “Special One” that Jose Mourinho brings behind.

The German and the Portuguese are different in everything, starting with the style of play: Klopp ignorant, prudent Mou. That, by no means, comes from 8 racing doors in the last nine championships.

The debate on the eve is centered on this: Mourinho will “park the bus again” in front of De Gea’s door to play as he has done so many times in the away matches?

Or, strong of the good start of the season, whether he will play with his face open to give a signal to the championship, since the second year at the helm of a club is statistically his favorite?

Klopp is also arguing, of course. The balance since its arrival today is controversial: the team has fun in England and Europe, but has many goals and has a percentage of wins (analyzing the first 75 matches) lower than Rodgers and Benitez. Trophies have not been seen. In the field, the task is to give all the answers:

Miss Mané and Fellaini, injured, while the others will be all. Ah, in the meantime we arrived at 535 days, 17 hours, 31 minutes and 58 seconds. It’s better that Klopp froze …

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