ITALY: Love under stress,

Italy: Love Under Stress, 1 out 5 Don’t Have Sex

Love under stress

Stress and fatigue kill the love under the sheets: 46% of the italians succeeds only rarely to carve out time to devote to the partner, and 20% (1 on 5) he confesses not to have more sex, or do so rarely. And’ what emerges from a survey carried out by, the portal that offers a single the fastest way to find a potential new partner, conducted on a sample of 2 thousand people of both sexes, aged between 18 and 48 years old. Only 25% of the pairs, then, find time to devote to the partner at least once a week, while responding ‘never or very rarely’ the 20% of the respondents; 9% supports instead of doing it only if you get the chance’.


Love and stress

Couples ‘white’, therefore, and more and more often due to lack of forces: if the passion is a mirage, the first culprit in 33% of the cases is fatigue, the second stress (30%), and the third an inappropriate way of relating within the couple (28%). “Every couple has its habits and its history – comments Roberto Sberna, director-general of SpeedDate.en – we are lovers of passion that have always found the balance of their relationship in sexuality, but libido has never played a major role. Each pair must know how to recognize if there is a problem and in this case, take action to solve it.” To resolve this inconvenience, in the meantime, carve out a little time for the holidays “can be a good way to relieve stress and tension – adds Giuseppe Gambardella, founder of SpeedDate.and it SpeedVacanze.en portal, the latter who first introduced in Italy the exclusive formula of the trips and cruises group for singles – and to relive those feelings that are put aside because of the daily routine“.


Can it Help ?A new destination away from the stress, in short, often offers the right incentive to have sex. And the holiday works not only with couples: single people feel more uninhibited, and in particular Italian women on holiday declare they are ready to indulge in more easily,” yet know Sberna.

Here is the decalogue for anti-stress developed by SpeedDate.en: 1) limit the stress of your work; 2) speak with the partner of their problems; 3) enjoy getaways from the routine; 4) share your desires with your partner; 5) discuss the role of sexuality? in the pair; 6) to rediscover together with the partners, the own body; 7) let go of small transgressions that make it more lively of the pair; 8) live for the little family moments as moments of torque; 9) to organize little trips alone or with friends; and if all that wasn’t enough – 10) ask for the help of the experts.


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