Inflammation from food: causes and treatment ( Principles of the diet)

Inflammation from food: causes and treatment

Inflammation from food

If we choose to eat every day pasta, bread, chicken, tuna, etc., our body could become intolerant to the food category of membership of the food. Let’s discover why.(causes and treatment )

What you eat today for lunch?

No change, what you ate yesterday! Is this the way to do the many italians who taken from the rush and from work, returning home, choose to eat the first thing that happens; that is healthy or not, this can, however, cause a negative response in our body.

Principles of the diet

According to the principles of the diet GIFT, the meal should be composed of three types of nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fiber; they are only three but include a variety of foods that can be chosen at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Between the carbs and pasta and bread wheat, there are other whole grains such as amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, rice, spelt, oats, but also cereals, such as potatoes and legumes;

These lend themselves to different recipes, from cold salads to soups, vegetables and cereals in the winter, choosing the right one depending on the time available.

Proteins, instead, are found in foods such as white and red meat, cold meats, cheese, fish, eggs, and soy, and can be combined with the carbohydrate in a single dish, or as the second;

Finally, they belong to the fibre in all the vegetables and fruits, which are chosen of the season.

The solutions can be different depending on the time we have available, or to the place where we decide to eat: if we are out of the house it would be better not to eat a sandwich with sausage and tomato, but vary with unique dishes and cold:

One day, a caprese with mozzarella, tomato and whole wheat bread, another a salad of farro and rice, with the chicken breast to the plate and zucchini, or a salad of chickpeas with tuna and eggplant, so we will have a flat GIFT that is tasty, unique and quick.

Inflammation from food: causes and treatmentGetting tolerant ?

Because eating the same foods as you unleash a food intolerance? We have to imagine a graph, with a baseline, which corresponds to zero and another line parallel to this that represents the threshold;

When usually we eat that particular food, the accumulation of multiple stimuli in the same food group can lead to the achievement of the threshold, resulting in stimuli similar to those caused in the case of an allergy type and IgE, even if in this case it is the IgG. Have been identified so far, 7 reference groups: wheat, gluten and related grains, dairy products, yeast and fermented products, products with a high content of salt, nickel, salicylates, and natural oils cooked.

Doing a practical example with the category of yeast, if a person eats every day for breakfast toast with honey, for lunch bread, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms, dinner leftovers for lunch and a yoghurt, the probability that the potential intolerance of this category is very high.

It is very important to know how to recognize the various food categories and place inside the foods that we prefer to eat and consume always, once you have passed this step you will need to be careful to not take them every day, maybe eating them a few times each week.

If you are reading this article arose the doubt that you may be intolerant to some food, it is possible to carry out my study in the test Recaller, that will allow you to retrieve the intolerance following precise patterns of rotation, so as not to totally eliminate a particular food category, but allowing it to rotate to restore the homeostasis of the body and remove inflammation from food

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