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Hepatitis, in Europe, 9 million patients, but many do not know that

In Europe, according to estimates there are almost 9 million people living with hepatitis B or C chronic, but many of them do not know they have the infection, a fact that undermines the efforts to eliminate the disease by 2030. This is underlined by the European Centre for Disease Control (Ecdc) in view of the world day dedicated to this disease, which is celebrated on the 28th of July, and which has as its slogan ‘Eliminate the hepatitis’.

According to the Ecdc are approximately 4 million patients with the virus C, while the 4.7 have the B. In 2015, there have been on the european territory 60 thousand new diagnosis of the two infections, with those from HCV, an increase of 4% primarily as a result of the major testing activities that bring out the cases that are hidden. In various countries the proportion of diseases that are not diagnosed range from 45% to 85% for hepatitis B, and between 20 and 89% for C. In Italy is estimated that about a million cases with over 50% of the people who, however, does not know he is infected. “Serving greater efforts to reduce the suffering and costs resulting from hepatitis in Europe – says the commissioner for Health Vytenis Andriukaitis -. Together, we must increase the efforts for prevention and testing, and reach the most vulnerable, to reduce inequalities”.



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