Guess what happened this day ? Question ? Food supplements rich

Guess what happened today ?

Guess what happened this day ?

A man was poisoned with cyanide because of apricot.

Like seriously !

During an operation, surgeons have found abnormally low oxygen in the body of a patient.

A blood test revealed that the man was in fact the victim of a serious poisoning with cyanide.

Question ? Are food supplements rich in apricot harmful ?

Like everything it depends, don’t you agree ?

During blood analysis the concentration cyanide was well above normal.

The australian of 67 has been the victim of a high concentration of cyanide due to apricot.

A reports the British Medical Journa a study published Monday.

The poisoning is due to consumption of apricot pits.

A dietary supplement mostly consumed at home.

Throughout the five years prior to the diagnosis, this patient was from a remission from prostate cancer.

It was found that he had consumed a dietary supplement that it had concocted itself to containing extract apricot pits.

The man was also taking every day three tablets Novodalin, a supplement containing kernels of fruits.

It is on the occasion of a surgical intervention that intoxication was discovered.

During the operation, surgeons have noticed that, despite a general anaesthetic, the body of their patients had a rate unusually low oxygen.

A blood analysis has clarified the situation.

A rate 25 times higher than the acceptable amount.

The test revealed a rate of cyanide in the blood 25 times higher than the acceptable amount.

Because of its food supplements rich in apricot pits, the man ingested on a daily basis 17,32 milligrams of cyanide.

After you have stopped eating for three days, he has found a rate of oxygen normal.

This poisoning cyanide may also occur after a high consumption of the other clusters of fruit.

In mid-July, a British 28-year-old was past any near death after eating cherry pits.


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