First case of Chikungunya in the region of Lombardia
First case of Chikungunya

First case of Chikungunya in the region of Lombardia

Mantova, 15 September 2017(Chikungunya)

In Hospitals

The First case of Chikungunya in the region of Lombardia. To be infected is a young 13 year old girl of asian origin resident in Curtatone, in the province of Mantua.

To give the news with a press release, the same Municipality of Curtatone alerted by a report of the Service medical prevention of Ats in the Po valley.

Now is the game pest control in the house of the girl, which is located in the countryside of the country.

Last month, the little girl had spent a short holiday in the south of Asia. At the end of August, when he had not returned, began to show symptoms of the disease.

After a first pass at the Carlo Poma of Mantua, the 13-year-old has been transferred to the hospital of Brescia, where it still is hospitalized. It is not life threatening and will soon be discharged from the hospital.

The health have confirmed that the infection occurred dur Indirizzoing the stay in the Country of south Asia. It is, therefore, of a disease by import.

Not diemnticare, however, that in the last few weeks Chikungunya has heavily affected the region of Lazio, where so far they have been ascertained in 27 cases, including several outbreaks occurred in the Italian territory.

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