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Epilepsy in pets : Costs, Cases, Symptoms


Epilepsy is a disease lurking that can affect the dog or cat at any age, whatever the gender, whatever the race ,for various reasons, and often for unknown reasons. In the first case, the epilepsy may be the manifestation of problems to the brain (tumors, hematoma or malformations ) .

Some time you can operate also run the chemotherapy, but the few centres in Europe do this, and with costs unthinkable and uncertain results.

The majority of the cases of epilepsy, especially those that grow from 2 to 6 years of dog, or cat, does not have a cause, so far, visible from all the tests, that will be all perfect ( blood analysis,x-ray chest,ct scan and magnetic resonance imaging are those suggested)


An mri costs from 500 to 800 euros (by region) ,then the epilepsy will be defined as primary or idiopathic ( usually hereditary ).Crises occur suddenly and without any apparent cause, as to be expected.


The animal can simply falter, or remain as in a daze or, in the case of crisis full as my dog Movida, slam hit the ground and start remigare with the legs in a violent way with shocks that affect the whole body starting from the head ,loss of knowledge, drool and pants ,loss of urine and sometimes faeces. A crisis can last from a few seconds to a few tens of minutes and repeated for hours until the need for hospitalization and sedation

“I take the liberty of making her this horrible description because many people,including me up to the first crisis of my dog occurred one morning while quietly I took her to the gardens as we descended the stairs of the building, I ignore the existence and the form. The dog,or the cat,you are shooting in just a few seconds or hours, ” says Giancarla De Marco, a lady who knows well the disease, and continues: ”my luck shake it for about thirty seconds and then in 10 other recover and start to play…leaving us dismayed and shocked every time”

All the animals, the epileptic are cured, or with medicines dedicated to them ( pexion or other very expensive ).

.In most cases, however, using phenobarbital ( Gardenale or Luminal ) or the bromide of potassium.It also happens that it is necessary to combine all these drugs to have a decent result that allows pet and owner to appease a few months without a crisis

.And it is not said to do so… From epilepsy, however, especially the idiopathic, not heals.

Mrs. Giancarla asks us a hand :”I Come to the crux: the petition of which I wrote you yesterday .Up to now Gardenale and Luminal were the only fenobarbitali marketed in Italy.

Born for human use,were given with a law in derogation to animals epileptics. This spring the Dechra has acquired the patent of phenobarbital : he then left the same active ingredient,changed, and added the other ingredients to not copy it verbatim and stated that the Soliphen would have been the first phenobarbital to enter the market as the only medicine for animal use .A veterinarian of the law will be obliged to prescribe this instead of the other .I hope that the details of the petition are to be identifiable,otherwise just type in on google’s Petition for gardenale and you see this with the muzzle of my little dog ! our petition was made to the knowledge of all veterinarians from the SIVeLP -union of the same.the Soliphen was released in the spring .Rates quadrupled compared to the other drugs and unknown about the functionality…it was released, unfortunately NOT in a uniform manner: in some of the regions or cities was not found,the vet was obligated to prescribe and the pharmacist,no , she refused to give you Gardenale or Luminal. This scary vacuum treatment ( the pads are given to the animal every 12 hours with precision to the gram) was the centre of the service Strip the news along with the scandolaso the fact that data from two drugs are identical,one for humans,one for animals,the second always costs 10 times as much.”


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