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Cameroon and Novartis

Chronic disease : framework agreement between Cameroon and Novartis for healthcare at a lower cost

Agreement between Cameroon and Novartis for healthcare at a lower cost.

The cameroonian government and the pharmaceutical company Novartis of switzerland, have signed, on Wednesday evening, a framework agreement in favour of the poorest populations.

This for the care of 4 non-communicable diseases (NCDS), the most frequent for a cost of around 550(1.2USD) CFA francs per month, by treatment and by patient, was found to APA on-the-spot.

The said agreement covers a total of 15 drugs used in the treatment of certain cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain respiratory diseases as well as cancer of the breast.
The baptist Convention of Cameroon (CBC), through its network of health facilities, is the first to benefit from this programme, which, according to the head of Novartis Access to central Africa and the west, Fayelle Ouane, is called to expand into 7 health districts, located in 5 different regions of the country.

Interviewed by APA, it stated that the objective is to expand the program to other faith-based organizations on the whole territory, with an anchor point at the national Central supply of drugs and consumables key (CENAME).

“This initiative is expected to reach approximately 1 million people by means of education activities and health checks in the area of MNT”, she continued, stating that Cameroon thus became the 6th country in the world, after Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, and Rwanda, to launch the program Novartis Access that includes 15 generic drugs and patented.

Agreement between Cameroon and Novartis

The collaboration agreement also includes capacity building activities with the health services of the CBC, designed to educate and raise awareness in communities, and will include the training of health professionals on the screening, diagnosis and treatment of NCDS as well as the quality control.

According to the statistics of the world health Organization (WHO), NCDS are the cause of 31% of all deaths recorded annually in Cameroon, and individuals aged between 30 years and 70 years) are at 20% risk of dying from one of these diseases in the country.

In the same vein, a poll conducted by the CBC, revealed that the number of visits to its health centers, in connection with non-communicable diseases, had increased by over 40% between 2011 and 2015.

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