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5 essential oils to combat mosquitoes

The summer is also the season of mosquitoes. Zoom in on the natural solutions to take full advantage of the holiday by driving out the harmful !

The essential oil of citronella to keep them away

It is citronellal, a molecule, the essential oil of lemongrass owes its power repellent. The characteristic odor which emanates from is not really appreciated by the insects. Better, she makes them flee !

How to use it ? Pour a few drops of essential oil of lemongrass on her clothes before going out (especially at night). At a dinner outdoors, it adds a few drop in the candles to enjoy quietly without being focused on the insects threatening. The essential oil of lemon eucalyptus can also be used, a drop of HE diluted in 5 drops of vegetable oil.

The essential oil of geranium for healing

The essential oil of geranium is composed of geraniol, a molecule that has repellent properties that are important. Its more ? It can be used to relieve, in the event of a sting. In short, it is the essential oil 2-in-1 perfect to deal with these insects threatening !

How to use it ? To repel mosquitoes, it is well. Relieve and facilitate healing in the event of a sting ? It is even better ! The essential oil of geranium is irritating to the skin, before applying it through the skin, therefore it must be diluted in a vegetable oil (20% essential oil with 80% vegetable oil, a drop of ET to 5 vegetable oil).

The lavender essential oil to relieve

Despite your precautions, you get stung ? Don’t panic! Again, there are essential oils that are capable of doing the job. This is particularly the case of the essential oil of lavender which will help with the healing process of the wound, while reducing the pain. Its more ? Its characteristic smell is a deterrent on other insects. Because there are no mosquitoes biting, but also wasps, bees etc..

How to use it ? It can be applied directly on the skin using a cotton swab. Sensitive people and babies should not use this essential oil.

Good to know : some people, including pregnant women, people suffering from epilepsy and asthma should not use these methods. In all cases we get information from health professionals to have all the necessary information

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